Booking The Hall at MP

Thank you for your interest in our event space. We thrive to showcase your event in a top tier facility with an emphasis on quality food and great hospitality. We wish to provide a stage that serves bands, events and audiences of all different levels and styles. Thanks for checking us out.

Band & Events Bookings

All bookings are handled by Creative Entertainment Group (CEG Presents). Contact Howie Schnee at / 212-634-0428 ext. 6 or fill out the form below.
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We are looking forward to making the shows a beautiful experience for the artists & their fans.


470 Driggs Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Stage: 29’ width x 12’ depth x 28” height x 14’ 4” ceiling

Stairs on stage right – DBL fold theatrical curtain along the whole back wall & front of stage

Secure loading dock on 10th avenue for load in/out and storage for cases & gear

LOAD IN must be advanced with the venue engineer.

CONSOLES: FOH – Midas M32 / Monitors are mixed from FOH – 32 Channels – 8 Monitor mixs – 8 DCA

MAINS: POWERED 8) Martin MLA Powered Line Array – 4/Side 2) Martin MSX 15” Powered Subs – 1/Side

MONITORS: 2) Martin 2 x 12” 3-way Low Profile Wedges 2) Martin 12” 2-way Low Profile Wedges 1) Martin 15” 2-way Low Profile Wedge

CONTROL: 2) DBX DriveRack 260 1) Tube Tech SMC 2B (Stereo multi band Mastering Compressor)

AMPLIFIERS: 2) Martin MA3.0 2x1500W 2) Martin MA2.0 2x1000W

MICS / DIs: 4) Telefunken M80 4) Telefunken M81 3) Telefunken M82 2) Telefunken M80-SHB 6) Telefunken M81-SH 4) Telefunken M60 Fet Cardiod 2) Radial ProDI (mono) 2) Radial ProD2 (Stereo) 2) Radial ProAV2 (Stereo)

LIGHTING CONTROL: Road Hog V4 + Playback Wing (20 faders)

LIGHTING RIG: 6 Elation Platinum Spot 5r (Extended Mode)
6 Source Four Leko’s
10 Chauvet Rouge R1 Moving Heads LED was w/ Zoom
12 Martin Rush Par LED

Drums: DW Professional Series 5 piece kit (we do not supply cymbals)
Bass: Head-Aguilar Tone Hammer 500, Cab – Aguilar 4×10
Guitar: Vox AC30, Fender Twin Reverb

DRESSING ROOM: 400 sq. foot room with dining table, couches, chairs, etc. Located 20 feet from the stage.

HOSPITALITY: As per offer

PARKING: On 10th street, next to venue. Space large enough to fit van & trailers, buses & currently setting up shore power.

Venue Diagram

The Hall Venue Seating Plan